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Maisons du Monde: Home Décor à la Française

abril 29, 2016

I first encountered Maisons du Monde a few years ago during a trip to Italy. Back then I lived in Moscow and came to Bologna for 1 day, and found this amazing shop which was literally packed with the coolest home accessories ever. I remember leaving the shop with a bagful of stuff, it was love at first sight 😀

Then I moved to Barcelona and was excited to find a MDM shop here as well. I shop it for textiles and dishware, and I got my beautiful entry hallway unit there, you might have seen it in my flat tour ! What I love about this shop the most is the variety of styles, colours and items, it’s simply mind-blowing. Vintage, classic, exotic, industrial, oriental, Province, rustic, Nordic, colonial – whichever style or tendency you’re after, you’ll find it in Maisons du Monde, trust me.

MDM products have so much style and class about them, in the end, it’s a French brand, and France has historically been a major trendsetter in fashion, style, and home decor as well, but what really stands out for me is their dishware.

Maisons du Monde dishware

I have a number of home accessories from MDM: textile tableware, dishware, scented candles, a couple of cool stools, and some colourful and inspiring canvasses which never fail to raise my mood.

My Maisons du Monde canvases

My tableware from Maisons du Monde

Also, I thought I’d introduce you to the trends in home décor featured in MDM’s spring-summer collection 2016.

Yellow Summer

In this collection the shades of yellow combine with black, grey and a vatiety of patterns for a multi-faceted trend, contemporary and cheerful.

Yellow Summer trend 1

Yellow Summer Trend 2

Yellow Summer trend 3

Graphik Pastel 

This trend experiments with materials, geometric patterns, origami and pastel colours: a new and fresh take on the Nordic style (which is way overused these days, if you ask me!)

Graphik Pastel trend 1 Graphik Pastel trend 2 Graphik Pastel Trend 3

Country Elegance

Refined and delicate, this collection is all about soft colours and classical French style.

Country Elegance 2 Country Elegance 3 Country Elegance 2

Urban Jungle

Going green is a hot trend these days, and Maisons du Monde suggests to blend it with the 1950s black and white style and exotic chic.

Urban Jungle trend 1 Urban Jungle trend 2

Garden Factory

Very feminine and very pink, this springtime trend invites flowers into your home in a thousand colours.

Garden Factory Trend 1 Garden Factory trend 2

Garden Factory Trend 3


And finally, my personal favorite. Bright coral and blue and vintage patterns take us on a trip back in time to the seaside resorts in 1950s and Italian Dolce Vita. And the dishware from this collection is absolutely fabulous!

Capri trend 1 Capri trend 2 Capri trend 3

Capri Dishware in Maisons du Monde Shop in Barcelona

Find a Maisons du Monde shop closest to you here, or shop online, they deliver all across the EU.

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