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Let's go shopping

Best Online Shops for Secondhand Furniture

April 26, 2017

I’ve always been a hoarder and after moving to Barcelona and discovering this new passion for interior design I’ve also become a regular at the local flea markets and antique stores. Don’t these old pieces feel like they have so much character, so many stories to tell?! Anyways, a while ago I came across this article in AD España on the best Spanish online resources for shopping secondhand pieces, and thought it was worth sharing with my readers, because mixing old and new is always a good idea, don’t you think?

Eclectic room with antique furniture


An online marketplace where you can sell and buy all sorts of collector’s items – from toys, coins and kitchenware to comic books, jewelry and sports souvenirs. The choice of furniture and home decor is huge too. If you’re a true hoarder, this place is your ultimate Spanish online flea market.


As you can deduce from the name, this is about IKEA. This is a free marketplace to buy and sell secondhand IKEA products.The website is available in Spanish and English languages and also offers video tutorials on assembling furniture from IKEA.

Letgo. Wallapop. Vibbo

If you’re hunting down something specific and don’t want to pay too much for it, these three secondhand marketplace webs/apps is where you should look in the first place. Wallapop is the most famous of the three, but the others are worth a check too.


The name of this cool marketplace means “empty out your house”, and it is such a disappointment that its geography is limited to Madrid. Lots are distributed by houses in need of being emptied, and most prices are very attractive. Not to miss if you live in “la capital”.

Babia Bazar Vintage

A small store based in Navarra, specializing on mid-century vintage furniture from France, Italy, Germany, and etc. Tables, sofas and chairs are complemented with vintage accessories, wallpaper, and more.


Another online store offering a great selection of pieces from 1950s, 60s and 70s. Vintage wallpaper, tiles, rugs, fabrics, kitchenware, ceramics, glassware, and furniture.

Ultima parada

Founded by photographers Bèla Adler and Salvador Fresneda, this shop offers mid-century vintage furniture and objects, along with their own industrial style designs from recycled noble wood made at their workshop in Corçà (Girona).

PS: If this post caught your interest because you need to furnish a place on a very tight budget, you may want to check out my post on where to shop cheap furniture in Spain.

Image source.

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Exploring Design and Antique Shops in Gracia

April 20, 2017

In today’s post I want to tell you about a few interesting furniture and home decor shops in Gracia. Gracia is  a bustling Barcelona neighborhood, which on the one hand is bohemian, trendy, popular with younger expats and has a very youthful spirit to it, but on the other, it is a very traditional Catalan barrio, which for centuries used to be an independent municipality. Gracia is self-sufficient, the variety of eating options, beauty, clothes and other small shops can make you dizzy. I spent a few afternoons there seeking out interesting shops to bring to your attention, and here comes my list (and a map, for your convenience).

And make sure you check out my first post from this category dedicated to the shops on and around La Diagonal, which is actually not far from the area we will take a closer look at today.

Map of the shops

  1. The Old Kitchen, Carrer de la Providència, 16
  2. Verde Jade, Carrer de Ramón y Cajal, 11
  3. Casa Atlántica, Carrer Llibertat, 7 and Carrer Verdi, 33
  4. The Design Hub, Carrer de Diluvi, 4
  5. Cabinet, Travessera de Gràcia, 133
  6. AIXŌ, Carrer de la Virtut, 14
  7. Antique Boutique, Carrer de Sèneca, 16
  8. Sala de Subhastes, Carrer de Mateu, 18
  9. Rollito Así, Travessera de Gràcia, 141
  10. Gallina de Piel and Fulanitu i menganita, Carrer Verdi, 29 and Carrer Verdi, 25
  11. Studio Alis, Carrer de Sant Cristòfol, 13

The Old Kitchen

You may have seen a shop with the same name in Mercantic, but the main shop / workshop of Cecilia Manzi and her family, enthusiasts of kitchenware and furniture, is in Gracia. New items are mixed in with restored/vintage stuff. Also, this is your place if you’re into chalk paint. Follow The Old Kitchen on the social media to find out when they will offer the next workshop on furniture restoration and chalk paint.

The Old Kitchen in Gracia

Verde Jade

Founded and run by interior designer Eugenia Molina, this small shop is packed with edgy and quirky decor from illustrations and textiles to ceramics and small furniture. A mix of local designers and artists and foreign brands, the place really channels its owner’s passion for all things pretty.

Verde Jade shop in Gracia

Casa Atlântica

The “Atlantic” vibe in this place has a pronounced Portuguese accent, as this is where one of the founders is from. You will find artisanal ceramics – kitchenware, vases, pots, traditional decorative sardines, along with round wooden mirrors, braided lamps and accessories. Also, personally, I was very excited to find here the “swallows” (or golondrinas, in Spanish) – these ceramic birdies wall decor, which was popular in Spain and Portugal in 1950s and is coming in again! Traditionally made in black colour, in Casa Atlantica you also have them in blue and yellow (my choice!). And another thing you need to know is that these guys actually have two shops in Gracia – the first and main one on C/Llibertat 7, and a very small and very pretty place on one of Gracia’s main streets – Verdi 33.

Casa Atlantica shop Gracia

The Design Hub

The new edition to the Barcelona design scene specialising in sustainable design, ranging from accessories to furniture and interior projects. The space is part shop, part design studio, which also offers made-to-order furniture. Many of the products selling in the the space are made by local makers in the Design Hub’s workshop. The shop is run by a small collective, including acclaimed furniture designer Ryan Frank and interior designer Monica Potvin.

Design Hub Gracia Barcelona


 This shop on Travessera de Gracia, one of the main arteries of the neighborhood, offers trendy furniture and decor with a certain classy vibe to it, so I wasn’t surprised to find out that the founder used to work for Louis Vuitton. The shop is small, but packed with all kinds of stuff from candles and kitchenware to cushions and rugs. Their online shop offers an even more complete range of furniture and accessories.
Cabinet shop Gracia

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Maisons du Monde Brings It Again

March 7, 2017

Maisons du Monde has presented its Spring-Summer 2017 collection, and the promo shots look fantastic and inspiring as ever, it’s a like a mini-journey across the globe – from the Californian desert music festival and art-deco luxury of New York penthouses to the Mediterranean beach houses and exotic tropics!

Let us stash away darker and gloomier shades and warmer textures we saw in the Autumn-Winter’16 range, and welcome the fresh and playful shades of yellow, mint and pink, dusty pastels and hip crochets, art-deco prints, and loads more. The plant-themed decor is definitely gaining momentum, and so is the flamingo and cactus obsession.

As usual, the French retailer organized its home decor selection into 6 tendencies. Which one do you like the most?

Urban Garden

This tendency is all about pottery, flamingos, cacti, tropical prints and macrame. Plants are artificial, but you can always replace them with real ones, if you’re good at gardening (I’m not, but everyday I hate this fact more and more, so eventually I feel like I will take it up!)

Urban Garden tendency Maisons du Monde new spring collection Continue Reading

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La case de Cousin Paul says Adeu to BCN with 40% sale

January 26, 2017

La case de cousin Paul Barcelona

La case de Cousin Paul is closing its shop in Barcelona’s barrio Gótico, and selling off everything with a 40% discount. Even if you haven’t heard about this brand before, you’ve definitely seen their signature string light garlands. The colorful cotton balls can create a playful and fairytale feel in any room, from nursery to the kitchen, and they also go well with the ever-reigning Scandinavian style.

I discovered this shop two years ago year as I was wandering the narrow streets of el Gótico and was instantly captivated by the riot of colour you could see inside. The colour palette was overwhelming, I needed a lamp shade for my bedroom in my Barcelona place I was still furnishing at a time, but there were so many cool shades that it made you dizzy. Finally I chose an emerald green lamp, you remember how I love emerald greens, right? It fit perfectly into my room.La case de cousin Paul

How La case de Cousin Paul was born

The brand was born out of a romance. 15 years ago a young couple fell in love and decided to travel together. From one of their trips they brought back colourful cotton balls. They though it was a great idea for business. Meanwhile, they had a baby boy, named Paul. So they put the shop the name La case de Cousin Paul – “Cousin Paul’s hut”.  At first they only made string lights, but then their portfolio came to include globe and cupola lamp shades. And a small shop in Montmartre has grown into an international business, which includes a shop in Barcelona (Carrer d’Avinyo 22).

Sadly, it appears that the shop wasn’t doing too well, so by the end of February it’s going to close. Good news is that if you live in Barcelona you have a chance to grab a nice lamp or string lights with a 40% discount. And that’s an absolute bargain, the company never offers any season sales, nor have I ever seen a special offer for Black Friday.

The shades normally cost between 25 and 45€, and the garlands have similar prices.

Shop online

If you don’t live in Barcelona, you can shop La case de Cousin Paul‘s online store.

La case de cousin Paul garlands in the interiors

La case de Cousin Paul

Barcelona Carrer d’Avinyo 22

Hurry up, with such a discount they will be running out of stock soon! Grab those lamps and garlands before they’re gone. I’ve bought myself two more cupola shades in purple and beige colours. Wanted a yellow one, but they no longer had the hue I wanted in the bigger size shade.

Photo credits:

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Singulares Inventory Room in Barcelona

January 3, 2017

Happy New Year, dearies!! This is my first post in 2017, and today I’ll tell you about some very cool shops and brands from Barcelona I saw in December at a local event entitled Singulares Inventory Room, organized by lifestyle and interior design magazine Singulares. It was the 5th edition of the pop-up event, created to showcase interesting new artists, designers, and charming vintage shops.  Singulares Inventory Room migrates between Spain’s two biggest cities, so the winter market in Barcelona will probably be followed by another event in Madrid in May. This was my first Singulares Inventory Room, and to be honest I was blown by the diversity and creativity gathered there. And it was a great place to shop Christmas presents too!

Rare vintage rugs from Morocco

Two sisters with a passion for artisanal craftwork bring hand-woven vintage Berber rugs from Morocco for their Hands and Lands shop. A 5-minute talk to either of them will make you fall in love with these pieces, their artistry and the history they hold.

Vintage rugs from Hands and Lands at Singulares Inventory Room

Instagram pics illuminated!

Light boxes from TransLamp inspired in traditional wood wine box is a new and original way to exhibit your photos.

Translamp at Singulares Inventory Room

The Old Kitchen

A lovely vintage shop, which has two spaces – Carrer Providencia 16 in Barcelona’s Gracia, and at Mercantic in Sant Cugat. Apart from home furnishings, The Old Kitchen also sell chalk paint and offer furniture restoration workshops.

The Old Kitchen at Singulares Inventory Room

Hermano Gato

Love the quirky name and the logo  – “Brother Cat” of this project, which is mostly about plant-themed prints. So cool! Check out their online shop.

Hermano Gato at Singulares Inventory Room

Cactus in an old kettle and repurposed sawing machine

Studio Alis specializes in vintage furniture restoration, and there is so much creativity and sophistication to their approach,  just check out the old sawing machine turned into wash basin. Carrer de Sant Cristofol, 13, Barcelona or shop online.

AlisBarcelona vintage store at Singulares Inventory Room Continue Reading

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Let your sofa make a statement

December 16, 2016

Today’s post is a confession of my love for colourful statement sofas. And at the end you will also find my roundup of 10 cool sofas now available in the Spanish stores, which are anything but black, grey or beige.

One thing I realized is that you can use pretty much any furniture or decor piece to introduce a brighter colour in your space, you just need to be bold enough. I’d avoid painting an entire wall red or another violent colour, because it’s very unlikely NOT to drive you crazy quite soon. Other than that, louder hues can absolutely work even on big furniture, such as a sofa. A sofa is a focal point of living room, which often is the heart of your home, and a colourful or wacky patterned sofa can make a huge design statement.

In my Barcelona place I  opted for accent colour walls, and kept most of the furniture safe colourwise. My sofa is grey and comes from IKEA. But to be honest, I already can’t wait for the moment to replace it with something cooler, and in a more vibrant colour, like navy blue.

I came up with the idea for this post as I was browsing Pinterest and caught myself pinning living rooms with these colourful statement sofas, because they make such a difference, don’t they?! You can stick to neutrals in the accessories and other furniture, but a bold sofa always takes the space to a new level, just take a look at the images below.

Blue is the only accent colour in this room, and this blue sofa is allowed to really shine against the neutral background, nothing takes the spotlight from it. Photo credit.

Blue statement sofa against neutrals

And another blue sofa: similar approach, but applied to a classic interior. Photo credit.

Blue statement sofa classical interior

Going on to pinks. Such a delicate and feminine space on the first photo vs the bold eclectic space dominated by the neon pink sofa paired up with black and white geometry cushions on the second. (Photo credits: 12)

Blush pink statement sofa

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Home Design in Madrid Chueca: Mestizo and Guille García-Hoz

December 1, 2016

A few weeks ago I made a trip to Madrid and spent one morning checking out cool local non-chain shops selling furniture and home decor. Today I’d like to tell you about two shops located in Chueca, a bustling and hip neighborhood in the center of the Spanish capital – Mestizo and Guille García-Hoz.


Mestizo Contemporary Store (calle Piamonte 4) was founded by several interior design professionals with a passion for antiquities, but the 300 sq. meter space with 5-meter ceilings is packed with new items alongside antiques, creating a very natural feeling fusion. By the way, the name of the shop also reflects this original blend of styles and even cultures, “mestizo” means a person of mixed ethnic ancestry.

Mestizo promotes very natural feeling interiors with lots of plants, wood and other traditional materials creating tranquil and relaxing ambiance, with a touch of prominent contemporary designs and patterns for a more mainstream and eclectic feel. Prices are not exactly low-budget friendly, but the items are really high quality and not something you will find in chain stores.

They are currently preparing to launch an online shop, I just hope they will come up with a way to somehow recreate the outstanding offline shopping experience offered in their store, the space is really impressive, well-thought, clean and fresh feeling, and so inspiring.

Mestizo contemporary Store Madrid Continue Reading

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Black Friday in Spanish Shops: My Selection

November 25, 2016

BLACK FRIDAY is here! If you’re ready to go on a shopping spree here is my selection of Black Friday offers from Spanish (and international) furniture and home decor shops.

El Corte Inglés

The leading national department store is offering a 30% discount on lamps, up to 50% off dishware, up to 60% off bedding and up to 70% off a variety of rugs.

Maisons du Monde

The French chain decided not to celebrate Black Friday specifically, but they have just launched free shipping on home decor, and in their case it also includes bigger items, like stools and rugs. Minimum purchase is 20€. The autumn-winter collections are very pretty, check out my post I dedicated them a while ago.


For Black Friday, this online store is taking VAT off their prices on chairs, tables, armchairs and bedroom furniture. You can get a great deal on chair sets (x6) if you need one. And I’m absolutely in love with this red velvet armchair, other colours are available too, the price is 247.09€.

Chester inspired red velvet armchair


Popular Spanish online store is offering an additional discount of 20% on everything, including items from the Outlet section which has some very good deals. Use BLACKFRIDAY promo code.


Another popular online store is also offering a 20% off everything, but this excludes the outlet section. Use BLACKFRIDAY promo code.

A Loja do Gato Preto

This Friday the popular Portuguese chain will offer a 20% discount on EVERYTHING in its physical stores (In Barcelona we have 3, including the one on Avenida Diagonal). Otherwise, you can shop online, where the Black Friday campaign will last thoughout the entire week-end, plus you get FREE SHIPPING on purchases over 30€.

H&M Home

In case you didn’t know, H&M not only has clothing, but offers a very cool homewares collection, I recently wrote about it. This week-end they have 20% off everything, plus FREE SHIPPING with promo code 0020. They have the Home collection in a few stores across the country, check out my post about H&M autumn-winter 2016 collection for a complete list of shopping centers where you can find it or shop online.

H&M Home

Zara Home

Zara Home is offering 20% discount both on- and offline, but only on Friday, so hurry up!

Cállate la Boca

This is a fun and quirky Basque brand offering colourful t-shirts and wall art. With BF2016 promo code you’ll get a 20% discount in their online shop. This offer is only valid today!

Cállate la boca láminas

Textura Interiors

Nov.24-27 the Spanish producer of mid-range home textiles is offering 35% off everything on its online store, plus you get FREE SHIPPING on orders over 10€.


If you’re a fan of vibrant and cheerful prints from Desigual, you have the entire week-end to shop their Homewares collection with a 30% discount.

Guille García-Hoz

Guille García-Hoz is a renowned Spanish decorator and interior designer, whose name I first learnt during my visit to Casa Decor exhibition in Madrid this June, his rustic kitchen for Samsung was one of the projects I liked the most. He also has a lovely shop in the center of Madrid, where you can find his quirky animalistic designs, along with cool ceramics from other local artisans, such as Abe the ape.  For Black Friday, Guille is offering 20% on his own designs.

Animalistic ceramics by Guille García-Hoz


If you’re looking for high-quality designer furniture and home accessories make sure you check out Pilma. The famous Spanish brand is offering 20% off everything.

Inuk Home

I’m not a big fan of Nordic style, but this shop has some very lovely designs, especially the headboards, just look at them! Until Monday 27th a lot of items on Inuk Home comes with up to 40% discounts. The website structure is a bit messy, to find the “rebajas” you need to first go to the category you need (Lighting, Furniture, etc.) Good thing is they have an English version!

Headboards from Inuk Home

Kenay Home

Another popular store specializing on Scandinavian design is offering 10% off furniture and 20% off home decor items. This one also has physical stores in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona, here is my post about the Barcelona store  to give you an idea of the spaces you can create with their products.

Home accessories from Kenay Home Barcelona

Happy Black Friday shopping and don’t forget to share your purchases here in comments or on Facebook.

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Where to shop cheap furniture in Spain

November 1, 2016

Today I want to share with you some Spanish online stores with REALLY low prices on home decor and, most importantly, furniture! Sadly, don’t expect me to give you access to a secret online outlet for cool and ultra expensive brands like Roche Bobois. This time we will look at e-commerces where you won’t find any designer stuff with 90% off its normal price, but what you will find is basic contemporary house furnishings for someone with a very limited budget. You’ve been waiting for this post, right? So let’s get on with it. Here are a few poplar on- and offline outlets where you shop cheap furniture in Spain!

Atrapamuebles is an online outlet which has a limited product range on display, and limited stock, but the prices are very good. Styles are very basic mainstream, don’t expect to find any particular style that is trending this days, so if you’re looking for Nordic or French province, for example, don’t even bother, but if you are on a very limited budget and you need to furnish a room or two asap and don’t have more than let’s say 800€ to do it, this is the place for you! New items are introduced every week, and you can find both completes sets, like living living room furniture or children room sets, and separate items, such as tables, sideboards, and, they have some nice tufted bedheads for a double bed (155cm) under 150€. You remember why every bed needs a head, right?

Just to give you an example, you can get this living room furniture for 399€.

Buffalo living room furniture

Unlike Atrapalo, this online store has more than 5,000 products on offer. Technically, it’s not an outlet, it’s simply a store, but many items come up to 70% off: the name speaks for itself – “Ahorro total” means Total Saving. This chain has numerous stores selling cheap furniture in Spain, especially in the center and South of the country (none around Barcelona though, not cool!), so you can look up on their web if there is one  close to where you live.

Price reference: the sofa now comes for 265,90€ and the dining room set made of 4 chairs and a table can be yours for 249,90€.

Ahorro total

Mueblesboom is another popular low-cost chain, which became popular as a result of its aggressive marketing policy, and campaigns such as “Furniture for 1 Euro”. Mueblesboom has more than 30 physical stores, and here you will find a slightly wider selection of styles, such as Nordic and colonial. Also, there are all sorts of “ofertas” – offers of the day, of the month, and simply discounted items.

This Nordic sideboard, for example is currently on special offer and is priced at 171 € instead of 342€.

Nordic sideboard mueblesboom

Another Spanish ultra low-price store, Mobimarket only sells online. If you’re willing to introduce some bolder colours into your living room or bedroom, make sure you check out the “Estanterías” section – the selection of shelving is pretty impressive, and  colours  include marine blue, olive green, purple and even red. In Mobimarket you can also buy mattresses.  Don’t miss the flash sale (“Muebles de oferta”) and Outlet sections.

*Bonus tip for IKEA fans

These are the top places to shop cheap furniture in Spain, and if you are on a tight budget, you probably will find everything you need to furnish an empty room or even a whole flat there. As a bonus, since even those of us who hate IKEA usually end up buying A LOT there, here’s a popular online platform, where you can buy and sell second hand IKEA furniture and accessories. It’s, and good news – it’s got English version!

Happy shopping everyone! And as we are entering November, I personally already am excited about the Black Friday. Stay tuned, I promise to put together an overview of the best Black Friday deals and campaigns!

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Digging emerald green interiors

October 9, 2016

Today I invite you to dive into deep green colours in interior design, and more specifically, emerald greens. It’s not exactly THE colour of the moment, although it keeps popping every now and then because it is undoubtedly gorgeous! Looking a few years back, emerald green had its peak in 2013, when it was named ‘colour of the year‘ by Pantone. By the way, this year the global colour authority has picked not one, but two hues – Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity.

Anyways, the more I came across emerald green interiors on blogs and Pinterest, the more stunning they seemed to me. This colour is so vibrant and natural, yet it’s kind of noble and luxurious, even a drop of it lifts up any space, and the remarkable thing is that when used abundantly, it never gets to the point of annoyingly overwhelming, as it often happens with red, for instance.

I pulled together a few images from Pinterest to illustrate how emerald green can be worked into different rooms in your house, and at the end of this post you’ll find a round-up of emerald green furniture and decor currently available in Spanish online stores. This deep and rich colour is a frequent guest on autumn-winter decor palettes, but then it’s also anything but dull, which means that you won’t be tempted to swap it out in the summer for more cheerful and vibrant hues, because that’s exactly what it is! Also, it’s a 100% gender neutral. There are literally no downsides to it!

Emerald green bedrooms

1. This image has already been featured in my bedheads post, and I promise I’ll use it again whenever I have another excuse, because everything about this bedroom design is perfect. There is so much going on – upholstered bedhead, gold-plated lights and bedside table, traditional rug, wooden floor, black-and-white cushion, blue gray wall, and more details, yet the result looks refined and not that busy at all. Perfection!

Emerald green bedhead

2.  This eclectic bedroom marries posh decor items, such as the sunburst mirror and golden deer figurine with vintage and cozy-feeling bed as such. Emerald greens, blush pink and gold is a winning combination! Emerald green bedroom decor

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