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Maisons du Monde Autumn-Winter’16

September 27, 2016

Maisons du Monde‘s new collection is all about ethnic prints, vintage forms, art-déco, copper and other reigning trends executed in warming materials and textures and low-key colours of winter and fall. My regular readers will know that I’m a big fan of Maisons du Monde, I covered their previous collection and got a lot of their homewares in my Barcelona place, including the beautiful entryway furniture from solid wood and metal Luberon collection.

And now let’s take a closer look at the 6 tendencies the French retailer offered us this time.


Inspired by art deco and 1920s, this tendency features a lot of blue gray hues, hints of gold, arabesques, velvet and other elegant fabrics. Take a closer look at this one if you want to give your home a more expensive look, this is definitely the most “luxurious” collection in MdM.

Maisons du Monde Milord tendency

Maisons du Monde Milord tendency

Maisons du Monde Milord tendency


This tendency plays on our nostalgia for 1970s. Whether you go for more vivid colours and flashy prints or dimmer hues for a more low-key style, this tendency is all about vintage chic.

Maisons du Monde Seventies tendency

Maisons du Monde Seventies tendency

Maisons du Monde Seventies tendency

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H&M Home: Affordable and Trendy

September 15, 2016

H&M Home Autumn-Winter’16

H&M is yet another multinational retail-clothing company along with Zara Home, Stradivarius or Primark, which has a collection of homewares, and a very appealing one! Actually, they’ve had it since 2010, but many people have no idea that H&M has got a Home line, because it’s only available in few stores. You’ll find a list of shopping centers in Spain which have H&M Home corner at the end of this post.

H&M Home

Prices on home accessories from H&M are as affordable as their clothing, and you can find everything you might need to give a revamp to your living room, bedroom or even bathroom: from textiles (bed sheets, towels, cushions, rugs) to dishware, candles and candle holders, bathroom curtains, party accessories and other decor.

Bright and fresh colours of the summer are substituted with deep and rich autumn textures and hues: violet, emerald green, gold, and the trending copper isn’t missing from the new collection either, of course.

H&M Home

You’re gonna hear me roar!

Wild animal prints are inspired on the one hand, by the rough nature of Scandinavia, with a brown bear as the main protagonist, and then there is a more tropical and playful jungle line featuring monkeys and panthers, and supported by the inescapable pineapples, which come in all colours and sizes.

H&M Home wildlife


Copper is the metal of the hour in home decor, and in H&M Home you can find a range of accessories from baskets to candle holders and plant pots in copper.

H&M Home copper decor

Cushions and Rugs: Rule of Geometry

I’m a big fan of rugs, and my ode to rugs was one of the first posts on this blog. H&M Home has some very nice and super cheap low-key rugs in neutral tones and geometrical patterns.

H&M Home rugs

Most cushions also play on geometry, but don’t forget that you also have some wildlife prints to choose from.

H&M Home cushions

Children’s room

As you might expect, kids homewares are brighter-coloured and quirkier. Also, if your kid (or bf, or hubby, why not?! haha) is a fan of Batman, don’t miss a range of Batman-themed textiles and dishware.

H&M Home kids

H&M Home Batman

Shop offline and online

You can find H&M Home collection in the following shopping centers across Spain:

-Ondara (Valencia); C.C. Portal de la marina.

-Tarragona; C.C. Parc central.

-Reus; C.C. Fira Reus.

-Aldaia (Valencia); C.C. Bonaire.

-Cartagena (Murcia); C.C. Espacio mediterráneo.

-Tenerife; C.C. Siam mall.

-Madrid; C.C.Plenilunio

Otherwise, shop online. Use promo code 0402 for free shipping on purchases over 60€. And also, when you subscribe to the newsletter, you get 25% discount on one item.

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Ten Room Dividers under €200 in Spanish Shops

August 24, 2016

I love the idea of room dividers. They can add character to your place, style and personalize it, and simply make a large room feel cozier by splitting it into smaller spaces. There are many ways to do it: you can use a traditional folding screen, a book case, beaded curtains, tufted and photo-frame panels, and so on. There is a large variety of decorative room dividers in any style and size on the market, let alone that you can always try and craft one yourself,  then I suggest that you check out these 20 DIY room screens on DIYS.COM for useful tips and inspiration.

Today I bring to you my roundup of folding room dividers you can find in Spanish furniture and home decor stores for less than €200. I tried to feature as many different styles as possible – from Indian, Japanese and Province to industrial and geeky. All of these items can by purchased online, but some stores like Maisons du Monde and CASA also have numerous physical stores across Spain.

Room dividers roundup

  1. Room divider with shelves, CASA  €119,00
  2. Carved white room divider, New Home  €188,80
  3. Indian style room divider, Casa y Lienzo  €88,32
  4. Comic book vignette room divider, Dungeon Marvels  €94,95
  5. White room divider with mirror, CASA  €129,00
  6. Tropical print folding screen, Maisons du Monde  €69,99
  7. Fujiyama Japanese room divider, Oriental market  €175,00
  8. Black metal folding screen, Maisons du Monde  €199,90
  9. Vintage white wood room divider, Kamir  €98,00
  10. Bamboo room divider, CASA €39,95

All of these shops have more items in similar styles, use the word “biombo“, Spanish for “room dividers” to search them.

Also, if you’re ready to spend more than €200, make sure you check out Jadur, they have a variety of beautiful pieces from India.

Jadur India room divider

For contemporary designer pieces see Lluesma InteriorismoPortobello Street and Gunni & Trentino.

Feature photo credit.

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Summer Deals – Two Weeks Left!

August 18, 2016

Summer is almost over, but we still have a couple weeks left to “aprovechar las rebajas” in the Spanish furniture and home decor shops, i.e. take advantage of the summer sales with discounts reaching 70%. Here is my selection.

1. Olhom

Olhom has a lot of fun stuff up to 75% off in its Outlet section: from lamps and dishware to wall art and rugs. Use REBAJASAGOSTO promo code for an additional 15% discount.

Olhom outlet

2. Maisons du Monde dishware

MdM still still has some beautiful pottery on sale (30-50% off) featuring dishes, bowls and mugs from different collections. Shop here.

Dishware Maisons du Monde

3. Looking for designer items?

If you’re on the hunt for designer pieces make sure you check out domésticoShop. They are currently selling off exposition items from their 4 show rooms (2 in Barcelona and 2 in Madrid). Discounts reach 80%. For example, the Viccarbe chair below priced at €1.166,44 is now available with a 40% discount, and you can get 50% off this cool Scandi Treku sideboard (€2.115). You need to register to access the Outlet though.

domesticoshop outlet

Madrid-based Deleite Design also has discounts on designer furniture and accessories with a Nordic touch, such as this sideboard, now available for €1887,6.

Nordic sideboard

Another online-shop which is not to be missed if you’re looking for Nordic and vintage items is Barcelona-based Miv interiores. Discounts on their Outlet are not very high (15-20%), but they have a lovely selection of ceiling lights and pastel sofas and lounge chairs.

Miv interiores outlet

4. Colonial styles from Banak

For colonial styles see Banak Importa, they have some very good deals until the end of the month. They have an online shop, but also more than 100 franchise shops across Spain. If you like something online I recommend ordering through a physical shop closest to you (find one here).

Colonial designs in Banak Importa

5. Home textiles in El Corte Inglés

 El Corte Inglés is now in 60-70% sale, and you can still grab some great home textiles, including bedding from Desigual, Purificación García, Bassols, Sheridan and other local and international brands.

Bedding from El Corte Inglés

6. Zara Home

Zara Home sale has long reached its peak – 60-70% off, and few interesting items are left, but you’ve a great selection of napkin holders. Shop here.

Napkin rings from Zara Home

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Eye Of The Tiger…Store!

July 28, 2016

A few days ago I popped into a Tiger store, and although they always have a lot of fun and quirky stuff, this time I really liked so many items, that I thought I should make a post about this shop and its current collection.

Tiger flamingo

Danish Tiger conquering the Globe

If you live in Europe, it is really unlikely that you’ve never entered a Tiger store. Founded 20 years ago, the Danish company is conducting an aggressive international expansion. In Barcelona alone we have 10 Tiger stores, and you can find another 80 across Spain. Overall, the company currently has more than 600 stores in 28 countries. But in case you don’t know, Tiger stores offer a wide assortment of fun and quirky home products, toys, partyware, stationery, hobby and creativity items, fashion items and more at very affordable prices – 80% of the products cost less than 5 €, and the most expensive items cost 30 €.

The first store opened by company founder Lennart Lajboschitz in 1995 in Copenhagen sold surplus goods and everything cost 10 Danish Crowns (€1.5). That first store was called Zebra. But when Lennart opened his second store, his little daughter Rebecca said, “We have a zebra, and now we can have a tiger too.” So the name was changed to Tiger. In Danish, Tiger is pronounced tee’-yuh, which means both tiger and a 10-crown coin.

Despite its Scandinavian origins, Tiger is absolutely not afraid of bright colours, something I, personally, appreciate a lot. But the good thing is that you have more low-key and subdued items too.


First thing that caught my attention when I got into the Tiger store at Carrer de la Portaferissa, 13 in Barcelona, were these quirky pink birds! Tropical-inspired trends are on fire this days, and flamingo motif has been trending in home decor since last year and can be a cool addition to any space. Also, see my Casa Decor 2016 review for beautiful flamingo wallpaper. Tiger designers decided this bird is cool enough to use it on a whole bunch of home products – tableware, wall art, and cushions.

Tiger store: Flamingo

Some more pics from Tiger store Barcelona

So I just made a few pics of cool and trendy stuff you can find in Tiger.

Tiger store Barcelona

Tiger’s take on famous designer pieces: hook racks inspired by midcentury classic ‘Hang it all’ by Charles and Ray Eams, and trays which reminded me of Kaleido trays from Hay.

Tiger store Barcelona

Fun postcards and boxes.

Tiger store Barcelona

A wide range of kitchenware in different styles and colours.

Tiger store Barcelona

Hobby and creativity.

Tiger store Barcelona

Photo frames and garlands.

Tiger store Barcelona

Not sure where you can find a Tiger store closest to you? Use the store locator on the company’s web.

Looking for more affordable home decor ideas? Check out my reviews of Primark Home and Stradivarius decor collection launched this year.

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Best Vintage Lamps in BCN: Déjà Vu Concept

July 14, 2016

Deja Vu Concept BCNToday I want to tell about a shop where you can find the most beautiful vintage lamps in Barcelona.

A few days ago I was walking up Carrer de Calàbria near Rocafort metro station and spotted an antique furniture shop. Frankly speaking, I’m not that big a sucker for vintage or antique stuff, but this shop had a sticker on the door informing visitors that this place has been featured on AD España magazine, local edition of the leading international interior design authority. So I thought I should check it out. However, as soon as I went in, I knew it wasn’t yet another regular antique shop. This place had a crazy number of the coolest vintage lamps ever in different styles! And then I met the lovely owner of the shop – Diana, and I just knew I had to make a post about this shop, which is called Déjà Vu Concept BCN, by the way.

First of all, a few words about Diana Vite, the owner of the place. This Peru-born lady is one of the nicest people I’ve met in Barcelona over the 1.5 years I’ve been living here.  Originally a labour relations professional, 14 years ago she first tried to restore and refinish and old arm-chair, and this venture would change her life drastically. She started buying and refinishing old furniture and home decor objects, such as vintage lamps, porcelain dishware, mirrors, paintings, suitcases, jewelry and other items. “It just has to be good quality and something I actually like enough to want to have it in my own house“, says Diana. Before setting up her own shop she used to sell at markets, such as the famous Mercantic, indoor antique market in Sant Cugat suburb of Barcelona, which I’m long overdue to visit.

And an online shop is coming soon, so in a couple of months not only us, the lucky residents of Barcelona, will be able to purchase the lovely pieces hand-picked and refinished by Diana and her associate Isabel.

Getting back to what stands out the most about Déjà Vu Concept BCN. The VINTAGE LAMPS! Oh my, I have never seen so many beautiful lamps in one place! They are all vintage, but before getting a new price tag, each and every one of them goes through a makeover in Diana’s workshop, which includes new electrical components (cord, socket, switches), and new shades. The result is simply stunning.

Here are some of the coolest vintage lamps you can currently find in Déjà Vu Concept BCN.

Manises lamp

 Manises lamp (Valencia) from 1950s, €360

Акутср lamp with black floral screen

Hand-painted lamp from 1970s, France, €230

Metalarte lamp

Metalarte (renowned local brand) opaline lamp from 1940s, €240 Continue Reading

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¡Rebajas! Best Summer Sales on Home Decor

July 6, 2016

Beginning July, summer sales are in full swing, and I’ve put together a selection of the best deals available in the Spanish market. Homewares from Desigual, Nordic rugs, bedding from Spanish brands, English floral designs from Laura Ashley, and other tips on what you can currently find in Spanish and international furniture and home decor stores for a very good price.


In case you’ve never seen the homewares collection from this Barcelona-based brand, you can imagine that it’s as vibrant and cheerful as their clothes: patchwork designs, intense and graffiti-inspired prints. Shop Desigual‘s sale to find lots of cool textiles, including cushions, bedding, towels and bedcovers, with discounts reaching 50%.

Desigual sale

Deleite Design

Madrid-based interior design studio and online store has reduced prices on cool reversible plastic rugs from the Swedish company Brita Sweden. Check out their sales section for this and more cool Scandi stuff.

Brita Sweden rugs

Banak Importa

If you’re looking for more traditional design with a different  touch – a little bit of Nordic, exotic or shabby chic, don’t miss the massive sale in Banak Importa. I checked out their Barcelona store in my favorite shopping barrio (c/ Rosellón, 207). There’s a crazy amount of great deals.

The trunk boxes cost €245 and €299. The shelves – 120€.

Banak Importa Barcelona shop sale

Ladder shelves priced at €286 and €180. Sideboard – €399.

Banak Importa Barcelona

These flamingos (€144) are absolutely beautiful! Wish I could see the room they end up in. The aquamarine console now comes for €149.

Banak Importa Barcelona shop sale

This stunning white leather chaise longue sofa now costs only €1102.

Banak Importa Barcelona shop sale

Banak Importa has 3 stores around Barcelona, and they have a wide footprint in Spain, check out their website to find the closest store to you or shop online. And keep in mind that they close for siesta. Continue Reading

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Kenay Home Opens in Barcelona

June 7, 2016

Kenay Home now has three shops in Spain

Today I want to tell you about Kenay Home – a popular Spanish home decor and furniture store specializing on Nordic designs, which has a very strong online presence (180 thousand followers in Instagram, that’s really impressive!), along with 3 physical stores: in Valencia (where they’re originally from), Madrid, and Barcelona, where they launched in the end of May. I’ve checked out the new shop, which turned out to be quite big – 250 m2 to share with you some photos and my personal highlights. And by the way, Kenay Home Barcelona is located in close proximity to my favorite home decor shopping spot on Avenida Diagonal, the address is Carrer de Balmes, 200. It’s really convenient to have all these cool shops next to each other!

Home accessories from Kenay Home Barcelona

Nordic paradise

Nordic design is all about clarity and simplicity wrapped in modern forms to create a tranquil and peaceful space. Kenay Home offer a wide range of furniture and home accessories in the price range which isn’t exactly cheap, but neither is it outrageous. For example, the chairs from the photo below are now sold at a discount for 117€ and the mint lamp costs 49.

Kenay Home Barcelona shop Continue Reading

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Best Ofertas of the End of May

May 27, 2016

Here comes my biweekly selection of  ongoing sales and special offers in Spanish online stores. Free shipping in Maisons du Monde, 20% off everything in Textura Interiors, Spring Black Friday in Olhom, king-size beds for under 300€, geometric patterned rugs and beautiful exotic home accessories from Westwing.

This time the list is shorter than usual, but I simply wasn’t very impressed with what I found, so I only limited to the offers that really stood out for me.  I’m already so looking forward to the summer sales…I’m planning to finish furnishing my place, so I have great hopes for July…however, I still need the actual plan, or, in other words, the concept for my two remaining rooms. Both are tiny, so a post on small bedroom design is definitely coming anytime soon, but first I need to get lost on Pinterest at least for a few hours. But going back to today’s topic…

Free shipping in Maisons du Monde

My favorite French chain has free shipping on all decoration items until May 31st, minimal purchase is 20€. This means everything except furniture, including big items such as rugs, room dividers or stools, along with a wide range of beautiful dishware and textiles. Personally, I’ve already taken advantage of this offer and bought some beautiful plates and a gratin dish from Capri collection using a gift card my friend gave me for birthday. Best B-day gift ever! Although, the dish was broken during transportation, so I’m now waiting for refund or something. Bummer!

Maisons du Monde free shipping

20% off everything and recycle campaign in Textura Interiors

This week-end, May 26-29th, the local home textile chain is offering 20% discount in its physical stores and online. Use SPRING20 discount code online or find the nearest store here. Personally, I’m a big fan of their beach collection. There’s a great selection of towels and little bags to keep your bikini, flip-flops and other belongings.

Textura beach collection

Also, Textura is currently having a recycling campaign: if you bring your old home textiles (such as, bed sheets, towels, or table cloths) to a Textura store and place them in a special container, you can get a cheque worth up to  15€. You’ve got until the end of this week. Find more details here.

Spring Black Friday in Olhom

Olhom online store is offering a 20% discount on everything until May 31st. My favorites from the collections on sale are Granada-inspired Arabian style accessories, including a variety of lamps, candle-holders, trays and boxes and a vintage beach house collection.

Olhom beachhouse collage

King-size beds in Banak

Now this deal is not to be missed if you’re looking for a king-size bed – 180*200 cm. Banak Importa is selling big beds off with discounts reaching 75%. The one from the picture below is worth 286€. Find more beds in Banak’s outlet

Banak king-size bed

Rugs and 1000 and 1 night accessories in Westwing

Westwing is offering a huge selection of geometry patterned rugs. Hurry up though, this deal is up until Sunday, May 29th.

Westwing geometry rugs

My other pick from Westwing today is the exotic collection inspired by the Stories from the Thousand and One Nights. So many beautiful items, and the prices are very attractive! And again, this one is until Sunday. To view the deals on Westwing you need to register first. Use this link to register, and get a 10€ discount on your first purchase.

Westwing exotic collection

If you want to find more shopping tips and my advice on Spanish and international furniture and home decor stores, you might want to check out previous issues of this weekly section.

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Stradivarius Launches Home Decor Collection

May 18, 2016

Stradivarius deco

Stradivarius, member of Spain’s Inditex Group alongside Zara, Bershka, Massimo Dutti and a few others, has joined the ranks of clothing brands which have expanded into home décor, such as H&M, Primark or Inditex’ locomotive Zara, and I love this trend, bring us more cool stuff for home, yes! So home accessories are now part of Stradivarius’ Lifestyle collection, which also includes fragrances, stationery and rugs. Continue Reading