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My First Upholstery Project Gone Rogue

May 11, 2017

My first upholstery project

Happy me with my purchase in Celra

First thing you need to know that it’s not a typical DIY post with a tutorial, because the ‘Y’ isn’t exactly there, as I failed to do it all by myself… Anyways, this story goes back to October when I visited the flea market in Celra (Girona) and bought this beautiful telephone table with seat for only 35€. It has a pronounced ‘modernisme’ feel about it, although I’m not sure of its provenance, but it appears to have been mass production, because I’ve found lots of makeovers of this exact piece on Pinterest, most of them had it painted into white or grey, shabby chic is really trending these days.

Although the piece didn’t need a total makeover, as its original colour was already perfect for my entry way, matching my coat rack piece, I knew I would have to change the upholstery. I’ve never done it before, but how difficult/expensive could that be?! Oh, how naive I was! 😀 Continue Reading