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Do Rugs Belong on Walls?

March 10, 2016

When I was pondering over the idea of this blog, rugs was actually the second topic I decided to explore after the story of how I redesigned my flat. I was browsing home design and DIY portals for inspiration and came across a flat in Turkey, which belongs to a married couple, owners of a lovely online rug store. And it hit me, hey, but YOU love rugs!  And how could I not, being born in USSR essentially meant you’d be seeing rugs all over your place, in every room! Soviet people had a thing for rugs, it was a symbol of prosperity, so whenever they could, people would hang their best rugs, usually woven terracotta red patterned designs from the Soviet Central Asian republics such as Turkmenia or Tajikistan, on the walls behind the sofa, or bed. And if you wanted to make a statement and show how really well connected you were, the living room floor could never miss a big rug either. The rug-on-the-wall fashion has long been outdated, and is scoffed at real hard these days, especially among younger folk, but the snug and cozy sensation of soft wool under your feet rather than a slippery and cold floor is something you don’t want to give up as easily.

Nevertheless, until I moved to Barcelona I considered rugs to be a purely decorative item, and it wasn’t until my first winter in the South of Europe that I made a surprising discovery: they also help keep you warm in winter. You might think I’m crazy, coming from Russia, where everyone knows winter temperatures can be extremely low, but guess what? In Russia, most city dwellers have central heating, making their apartments really warm, sometimes even too warm, whereas in Barcelona, as pretty much everywhere in Europe (please, correct me if I’m wrong!) it costs a real fortune to keep your house cold-free in winter. So imagine my surprise, when I realized that my beautiful tiled floor (original, from 1930s) felt freezing to my feet, even when they were wrapped into a pair of very warm woolen socks I brought from Moscow beside the slippers, and even a simple cotton rug made a huge difference! Continue Reading