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Digging emerald green interiors

October 9, 2016

Today I invite you to dive into deep green colours in interior design, and more specifically, emerald greens. It’s not exactly THE colour of the moment, although it keeps popping every now and then because it is undoubtedly gorgeous! Looking a few years back, emerald green had its peak in 2013, when it was named ‘colour of the year‘ by Pantone. By the way, this year the global colour authority has picked not one, but two hues – Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity.

Anyways, the more I came across emerald green interiors on blogs and Pinterest, the more stunning they seemed to me. This colour is so vibrant and natural, yet it’s kind of noble and luxurious, even a drop of it lifts up any space, and the remarkable thing is that when used abundantly, it never gets to the point of annoyingly overwhelming, as it often happens with red, for instance.

I pulled together a few images from Pinterest to illustrate how emerald green can be worked into different rooms in your house, and at the end of this post you’ll find a round-up of emerald green furniture and decor currently available in Spanish online stores. This deep and rich colour is a frequent guest on autumn-winter decor palettes, but then it’s also anything but dull, which means that you won’t be tempted to swap it out in the summer for more cheerful and vibrant hues, because that’s exactly what it is! Also, it’s a 100% gender neutral. There are literally no downsides to it!

Emerald green bedrooms

1. This image has already been featured in my bedheads post, and I promise I’ll use it again whenever I have another excuse, because everything about this bedroom design is perfect. There is so much going on – upholstered bedhead, gold-plated lights and bedside table, traditional rug, wooden floor, black-and-white cushion, blue gray wall, and more details, yet the result looks refined and not that busy at all. Perfection!

Emerald green bedhead

2.  This eclectic bedroom marries posh decor items, such as the sunburst mirror and golden deer figurine with vintage and cozy-feeling bed as such. Emerald greens, blush pink and gold is a winning combination! Emerald green bedroom decor

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50 Shades of Natural Green

April 7, 2016

Natural green colours are a very hot trend these days. They can be more subdued and quiet, or more lavishing, ‘urban jungle’ type, but nature’s colour palette is making a statement in the interiors, along with actual plants. To be honest, gardening and houseplants has never been my thing, but as I was browsing it on Pinterest I realized that this tendency is really growing on me. And I just love the variety of houseplant-themed accessories, such as candles, cushions, shower curtains, bedding, and so on.

By throwing in more exotic and vivid prints and textures you can add a boho vibe to your space, or you keep it more “close to nature” with quieter organic shades and materials, and a lot of natural wood furniture, which works especially well in spaces with a lot of natural sunlight. But as you see from the inspiring images below, the result is always a very laid-back and tranquil ambiance. As we go out into the nature we seek to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of big cities, and nature green interiors with a lot of houseplants is a great choice for those of us who see their home as a retreat from their busy social life. Houseplants make the place feel like home, you don’t see many of them in a hotel, right? Also, hanging vines and leaves soften hard lines. And keep in mind that real houseplants are not only a decor item, but they actually purify the air. And some plants, herbs, can be used to garnish your own food. Go organic!

I made a small selection of images from Pinterest, and also discovered the natural green tendency in a variety of local and international chains, from Casa and Zara Home to Natura and H&M Home.

Natural Green Interiors


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Home tours

Welcome to Mi Casa!

March 10, 2016

My Mediterranean living room

If you’ve checked out the About section, you already know that renovating my Barcelona apartment became a truly life-changing experience for me, which has brought this blog into being. So this post deserves more than just a bunch of pictures, I think I got a story to tell here :)

What struck me about the place when I first saw it was how light and bright the living room and master bedroom were, despite the fact that it is on the first floor, and there is a rather high-rise building to the right. Also, I just loved that ‘shabby chic’ of the entire building, erected in 1930s, with its wooden doors with gold-plated door knocker and a beautiful iron staircase. That’s not something most Europeans would be impressed by, but I come from Moscow, where residential buildings are nothing like that. Continue Reading