Must-Have Appliances For The Modern Apartment

June 12, 2024

You’ve bought an apartment and you’re beginning the renovation process. Maybe you’re going to live there, possibly you’re turning it into a holiday apartment, or perhaps you’ll rent it out. Your motives aren’t massively important; what’s important is that you know what needs to be inside a modern apartment space. 

There’s not as much room here as there would be in a villa or a house, so you have to pick the bulky appliances carefully. It’s all about selecting things with practical benefits that don’t take up too much space. The ideas below do this – if anything, they help you conserve space in the apartment, making it feel even bigger!


A dishwasher is an easy home upgrade bringing sophistication and practicality to your apartment. Fitting one in your kitchen might take up cabinet space, but you can more than makeup for this with cabinets higher up on the walls. 

The benefit of a dishwasher is that it makes your life easier. If you’re renting, tenants will love seeing this appliance as they don’t need to wash everything by hand. Unbelievably, dishwashers are more efficient than hand washing as they use less water and energy with each wash. This appliance also frees up lots of worktop space in the kitchen. You won’t take up space by leaving things out to dry or putting dirty plates on the side waiting to be washed. The kitchen worktops are clear which opens up the whole space.


This is another appliance that takes up some bottom cabinet space, but it’s also essential. For one, every apartment needs a washer – but they also should have a dryer. How else can you dry your clothes in an apartment? If you hang them up inside they can increase the humidity and lead to mold growth. You’ll either need a balcony to dry them or a communal area outside somewhere. 
Or, you can make life even easier with a washer-dryer combo. This lets you wash your clothes before drying them in the same machine. It’s worth picking a well-known brand here as it’ll be easier to find any replacement washer or dryer parts if things go wrong. You technically save space by combining two appliances in one and you also prevent space from being taken up around the apartment by clothes horses or drying racks!

Air Fryer

An air fryer is one of the trendiest appliances in modern times. Everyone goes on about them – and for many good reasons. They’re more economical and energy efficient than ovens and you can pretty much replace a microwave with one too. 

Already, that’s two big ticks for your apartment – you save energy AND your air fryer takes up less space than a microwave. There’s a new air fryer by Ninja that’s designed to be even more space-saving by stacking the compartments on top of one another rather than having them side by side. This saves so much worktop space while giving the apartment a handy appliance to cook virtually anything with. 

If you could only have three appliances in your apartment, these three should be the chosen ones – other than a fridge/freezer, but that’s a given! They bring so much practicality to the place while saving valuable space and allowing you to make the apartment feel much larger than it might be.

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