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Casa Decor 2017

May 25, 2017

I was very excited to return to Madrid for another edition of Casa Decor – Spain’s main interior design event, showcasing current tendencies in architecture and interior design through a carefully curated selection of spaces designed by top local ‘interioristas’.

Over the years, this shop-window of Spanish interior design has been organized in some very different venues – from embassies and palaces to factories and schools. This year Casa Decor celebrates its 25th year and 52nd edition in a majestic 1900 4-floor palace on calle Antonio Maura, 8, a beautiful example of Madrid’s burgeois architecture.

Here is my report from last year’s event, and below are the 11 projects (out of about 60 in total!) I liked the most from this Casa Decor.

Suite “Wake up in Palm Springs” by Patricia Bustos de la Torre from Blossom Studio

This retro lux space was one of my favorites. Drawing inspiration in Mid-century – the Golden years of Hollywood, it has a very summery and relaxed feel to it. The designer used a lot of chic pink and tropical patterns, and the accessories are absolutely gorgeous – look at this tiger painting or the palm-tree shaped lamp!

'Palm Spring' bedroom at Casa Decor 2017

'Palm Spring' Suite at Casa Decor 2017

'Palm Spring' Suite at Casa Decor 2017

Trendy Kitchen by Beatriz Silveira (for Samsung)

Samsung knows to choose its collaborators right. Last year Guille García-Hoz blew everyone’s mind with his rustic kitchen, and this time Beatriz Silveira opted for a completely different concept, but just as beautiful in its own way. Both trendy and classical, it is a blend of traditional materials and kitchenware with edgy accessories and modern living essentials.

'Trendy Kitchen' by Beatriz Silveira Casa Decor 2017

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Maisons du Monde Brings It Again

March 7, 2017

Maisons du Monde has presented its Spring-Summer 2017 collection, and the promo shots look fantastic and inspiring as ever, it’s a like a mini-journey across the globe – from the Californian desert music festival and art-deco luxury of New York penthouses to the Mediterranean beach houses and exotic tropics!

Let us stash away darker and gloomier shades and warmer textures we saw in the Autumn-Winter’16 range, and welcome the fresh and playful shades of yellow, mint and pink, dusty pastels and hip crochets, art-deco prints, and loads more. The plant-themed decor is definitely gaining momentum, and so is the flamingo and cactus obsession.

As usual, the French retailer organized its home decor selection into 6 tendencies. Which one do you like the most?

Urban Garden

This tendency is all about pottery, flamingos, cacti, tropical prints and macrame. Plants are artificial, but you can always replace them with real ones, if you’re good at gardening (I’m not, but everyday I hate this fact more and more, so eventually I feel like I will take it up!)

Urban Garden tendency Maisons du Monde new spring collection Continue Reading

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Let your sofa make a statement

December 16, 2016

Today’s post is a confession of my love for colourful statement sofas. And at the end you will also find my roundup of 10 cool sofas now available in the Spanish stores, which are anything but black, grey or beige.

One thing I realized is that you can use pretty much any furniture or decor piece to introduce a brighter colour in your space, you just need to be bold enough. I’d avoid painting an entire wall red or another violent colour, because it’s very unlikely NOT to drive you crazy quite soon. Other than that, louder hues can absolutely work even on big furniture, such as a sofa. A sofa is a focal point of living room, which often is the heart of your home, and a colourful or wacky patterned sofa can make a huge design statement.

In my Barcelona place I  opted for accent colour walls, and kept most of the furniture safe colourwise. My sofa is grey and comes from IKEA. But to be honest, I already can’t wait for the moment to replace it with something cooler, and in a more vibrant colour, like navy blue.

I came up with the idea for this post as I was browsing Pinterest and caught myself pinning living rooms with these colourful statement sofas, because they make such a difference, don’t they?! You can stick to neutrals in the accessories and other furniture, but a bold sofa always takes the space to a new level, just take a look at the images below.

Blue is the only accent colour in this room, and this blue sofa is allowed to really shine against the neutral background, nothing takes the spotlight from it. Photo credit.

Blue statement sofa against neutrals

And another blue sofa: similar approach, but applied to a classic interior. Photo credit.

Blue statement sofa classical interior

Going on to pinks. Such a delicate and feminine space on the first photo vs the bold eclectic space dominated by the neon pink sofa paired up with black and white geometry cushions on the second. (Photo credits: 12)

Blush pink statement sofa

Bold neon pink statement sofa Continue Reading


Tom Dixon and his iconic pendant lamps

November 7, 2016

Design paradise in Milan

A few weeks ago I went to Milan to see a ballet in La Scala. That was a magnificent experience, but another highlight of the trip was the Home section of Rinascente – upscale department store, which has its flagship concept store in Milan. The Design Supermarket occupies the entire basement floor and offers home furnishings, tableware, lightening, gadgets and small electronic appliances, and other lifestyle and home accessories. The number of amazing brands from all around the world is absolutely astounding, I felt myself like a little girl in a candy shop! But what stood out for me the most were the designs by Tom Dixon, and I hadn’t heard this name before. So I decided to look it up, and turns out that despite my ignorance, I’ve actually seen a lot of his designs before, and so have you, trust me!, because this self-taught British designer, who set up his own design company in 2002, has produced some iconic items, which you will instantly recognize – Mirror Ball, Copper Shade, and Beat light. But we’ll get back to them later.

Tom Dixon in Rinascente Milano

Tom Dixon Melt Pendant Lamps

The lamps that caught my attention in the first place for their spectacular fluid form are called the Melt pendant light. They were created by Tom Dixon in collaboration with Swedish design trio FRONT and are a relatively recent addition to the brand’s lighting portfolio. The slightly warped, seemingly melting ball of light is a technological advance in the field of vacuum metallization. Check out how the lamps look different when the light is on and off. When switched off you see the high-gloss finish, but in the on state, the melt is translucent and thus changes the lamps’ entire appearance. It’s available in two sizes and several colours – chrome, gold and copper. Oh and they are expensive, around 500€ and up, depending on the size.

Melt pendant lights Tom Dixon

Did you know these iconic lamps were from Tom Dixon too?

And now a few images of other iconic Tom Dixon pendant lights.

Copper Shade

Available in copper and bronze, these best-selling pendants are one of Tom Dixon‘s signature items. Look how great they work in low-key white interiors, putting a sharp and modern twist on them.

Tom Dixon Copper Shade

Source: Cush&Nooks

Tom Dixon Copper Shade

Source: L’Appartement Living

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Digging emerald green interiors

October 9, 2016

Today I invite you to dive into deep green colours in interior design, and more specifically, emerald greens. It’s not exactly THE colour of the moment, although it keeps popping every now and then because it is undoubtedly gorgeous! Looking a few years back, emerald green had its peak in 2013, when it was named ‘colour of the year‘ by Pantone. By the way, this year the global colour authority has picked not one, but two hues – Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity.

Anyways, the more I came across emerald green interiors on blogs and Pinterest, the more stunning they seemed to me. This colour is so vibrant and natural, yet it’s kind of noble and luxurious, even a drop of it lifts up any space, and the remarkable thing is that when used abundantly, it never gets to the point of annoyingly overwhelming, as it often happens with red, for instance.

I pulled together a few images from Pinterest to illustrate how emerald green can be worked into different rooms in your house, and at the end of this post you’ll find a round-up of emerald green furniture and decor currently available in Spanish online stores. This deep and rich colour is a frequent guest on autumn-winter decor palettes, but then it’s also anything but dull, which means that you won’t be tempted to swap it out in the summer for more cheerful and vibrant hues, because that’s exactly what it is! Also, it’s a 100% gender neutral. There are literally no downsides to it!

Emerald green bedrooms

1. This image has already been featured in my bedheads post, and I promise I’ll use it again whenever I have another excuse, because everything about this bedroom design is perfect. There is so much going on – upholstered bedhead, gold-plated lights and bedside table, traditional rug, wooden floor, black-and-white cushion, blue gray wall, and more details, yet the result looks refined and not that busy at all. Perfection!

Emerald green bedhead

2.  This eclectic bedroom marries posh decor items, such as the sunburst mirror and golden deer figurine with vintage and cozy-feeling bed as such. Emerald greens, blush pink and gold is a winning combination! Emerald green bedroom decor

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Every Bed Needs a Head

August 9, 2016

Lately the piece of furniture which has been on my mind a lot is bead-head. If you take a look at my bedroom here, you will see I don’t have one. When I was decorating my place I actually thought I didn’t need one. Although, funny story, IKEA first sold me a bed head when I asked for a bed. The IKEA guy made a mistake an put a “cabecero” instead of “cama” on my order, and I wasn’t expecting such absentmindedness from him and didn’t check the order twice. So they delivered the whole purchase to me, I leave my builders to assemble the bed, then come back and we have the following conversation:

“Olga, there seems to be a problem with the bed.”

– What is it?

“Well…the bed is missing. We put together the bed-head…”

– WHAT??? I didn’t buy any bed-head!!

So the next day I had to go back to IKEA, they agreed that this one was on them, so they didn’t make me pay for the delivery twice.  They brought me the bed and retrieved the bed-head. And I was convinced I didn’t need one in my room until I met the lovely Gabriella from Lusitania Deco, where I bought a sideboard and  a console table for the small bedroom, and when she saw my bedroom pics she instantly said I needed a headboard and it was a revelation, because I knew she was right, suddenly I saw it too. So I dove into Pinterest looking for inspiration and ideas. And today I bring to you my findings.

Upholstered Bed-head: A Timeless Classic

Classic deep-buttoned upholstered bed-heads never grow old.

Over-sized upholstered bed-head is the main protagonist of this room alongside the lamp and the striped ceiling, spotted here

High blue upholstered bedhead

This rich forest green velvet bed-head looks so classy (via Homes to love)Green upholstored bedhead

And another example of how a tufted headboard can lift the room for a more elegant look. And guess what, this one was a DIY project! Find the tutorial on Place of My Taste.

Upholstered bedhead Continue Reading


Casa Decor 2016: The Best of Spanish Interior Design

June 29, 2016

Back to Madrid after 13 years

On the first days of June, I traveled to Madrid to visit Casa Decor, the biggest interior design exhibition in Spain. Known to be changing venue every year, Casa Decor 2016 was housed in Casa Palacio Atocha 34, a big mansion built in 1857. Its 4.000 m2 area was divided between brands, interior designers and sponsors to create a variety of spaces from lofts and luxurious suites to small cozy corners. Styles featured range from rustic and green ‘boho’ to posh eclectic and new baroque. I actually thought the exhibition was really cool. So many beautiful spaces, I just hope the photos I made do them enough justice. And I had a chat with several exhibitors, they told me that this year the organizers really stepped up their game and delivered compared with the past few years when the general level of the exposition wasn’t very high. This was my first Casa Decor, and I’m looking forward to going back next year.

I want to share with you a few of the 60 spaces which made up Casa Decor 2016 and were the highlights of the exhibition for me.

My 10 favorite projects at Casa Decor 2016

1. Flamingo by Marisa Gallo

In this concept, a colourful and cheerful ambience of a tropical island meets the cosmopolitan feel of an urban restaurant in the 21st century.  Love the colour combinations used by the designer, and the textiles – those striped stools and emerald green chair are to die for! And the flamingo themed wallpaper is so bold and cute!

Casa Decor Flamingo 1 Casa Decor Flamingo Collage

2. Sweet Suite Living by Beatriz Silveira

Beatriz Silveira created a complete suite: a living room, bedroom and bathroom. The center piece of this elegant living room is the organic-shaped table. And the blue curtains work really well as the main colour accent in the room. Bedroom is eclectic and chic with lots of gold, including the canopy bed designed by Beatriz Silveira, and a fur bedspread. Bathroom is dominated by a spectacular rounded shape bathtub from Villeroy & Boch and distressed wood sink cabinet. Such a cool combination!

Casa Decor Sweet Suite 1

Casa Decor sweet suite 2

Casa Decor Sweet suite bathroom

3. Telva. La vie en couleurs by Ana Pardo from Santayana, Ana Riestra y Rocío Riestra

This is a beautiful country style dining room, with natural elements as the main protagonists. The “rural” look of the forge table and numerous plants is complemented by cushions in different hues and prints, and other details, such as colourful lampshades and curtain fabric, to add a more contemporary touch to the space.

Casa Decor Telva Dining table Continue Reading


10 Amazing Sideboard Makeover Ideas

April 15, 2016

Today I came across a beautiful sideboard makeover, which inspired me to put together some glorious examples of how a few simple (or not so simple haha) DIY touches can turn old and mediocre-looking furniture into a stylish and stunning statement piece. I dug deep into Pinterest and selected 10 projects showcasing a variety of design styles from antique and provence to Nordic.

1.This vintage piece with its sliding doors painted in two different shades of blue green is one of my personal favourites, as it looks like quite an easy project to execute, but the result is simply smashing. Spotted here.

Vintage sideboard with painted sliding doors

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50 Shades of Natural Green

April 7, 2016

Natural green colours are a very hot trend these days. They can be more subdued and quiet, or more lavishing, ‘urban jungle’ type, but nature’s colour palette is making a statement in the interiors, along with actual plants. To be honest, gardening and houseplants has never been my thing, but as I was browsing it on Pinterest I realized that this tendency is really growing on me. And I just love the variety of houseplant-themed accessories, such as candles, cushions, shower curtains, bedding, and so on.

By throwing in more exotic and vivid prints and textures you can add a boho vibe to your space, or you keep it more “close to nature” with quieter organic shades and materials, and a lot of natural wood furniture, which works especially well in spaces with a lot of natural sunlight. But as you see from the inspiring images below, the result is always a very laid-back and tranquil ambiance. As we go out into the nature we seek to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of big cities, and nature green interiors with a lot of houseplants is a great choice for those of us who see their home as a retreat from their busy social life. Houseplants make the place feel like home, you don’t see many of them in a hotel, right? Also, hanging vines and leaves soften hard lines. And keep in mind that real houseplants are not only a decor item, but they actually purify the air. And some plants, herbs, can be used to garnish your own food. Go organic!

I made a small selection of images from Pinterest, and also discovered the natural green tendency in a variety of local and international chains, from Casa and Zara Home to Natura and H&M Home.

Natural Green Interiors


Photo source

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Zara Home Takes Us To Miami

March 31, 2016

Zara Home shop in Av. Diagonal
It’s spring all the way, and it’s official: vivid and very cheerful colours are back in shops. The other day I checked out Zara Home, and loved the beautiful splashes of different almost neon colours – pink, apple green, blue, yellow, orange in their new spring-summer collection. There’s a wide variety of home accessories to liven up your space – from dishware and transparent trays to cushion covers, bed clothing, photo frames, vases, boxes , and so on!  And all the colours go really well together. It’s a home decor mix and match game, like in swimwear! :) My personal favorites are the apple-shaped candles. They come in 4 colours, and I want them all!

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