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Eclectic Interiors In Blue and Mustard Yellow

July 5, 2024

Better late than never: I´ve embraced AI!

I have a confession to make: most of the images on this post were created by AI, in Midjourney. A couple months ago I signed up for a course on AI for interior designers. It has been a learning curve, and honestly, my world will never be the same. But I think I will share on what I learned AI can and cannot do for interior designers in a separate post. Today, I just want to share with you a few images reflecting a certain style and colour palette I find really beautiful and timeless. I spent some time on Midjourney, the most advanced AI for image generation, experimenting with prompts. Gotta admit, I had to edit a few of these pics in Photoshop. The thing is that contrary to a popular belief, AI is still far from perfection. On a bad day, MJ may have a tendency to ruin a nearly perfect image with some weird details a.k.a. artifacts.

Shake it up!

I love mixing styles, and I´m also an avid advocate of colour palettes beyond neutral tones like beige or grey. And this colour scheme featuring two primary colours – electric blue and mustard yellow just has me swoon. As for the style mix, after 9 years of living in Spain, I have to say that the crispy white walls have grown on my, they are a perfect background for any bright colours to shine against. I´ve also discovered a soft spot for Mediterranean style. Think of old Ibiza houses equipped with modern furnishings but keeping their rustic nature, with exposed wood beams and rough walls. Throw in some fancy upholstery with a hint at Chinoiserie, colourful Baccarat style chandeliers and beautiful antiques. The result is just fabulous, right?!

Last but not the least

Some images came out a bit more rustic, others are on the fancier side with marbles and mouldings, but you can clearly see the common thread here. Hope these serve as inspo for those of you browsing for ideas of eclectic interiors. And if you are in need of a professional design advice, don´t hesitate to contact me over the contact form on top of the page or WhatsApp.

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