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Av. Diagonal: Best Barrio to Shop Home Decor in Barcelona

May 3, 2016

This week I decided to skip the selection of sales and special offers in Spanish furniture and home décor shops. I browsed a number of shops, but there simply weren’t enough interesting bargains and ‘ofertas’ to put together a worthwile post, so instead I thought I’d share with you my favorite home décor shopping site in the center of Barcelona, which is in a few minute walk from Diagonal metro station, where Avenida Diagonal crosses Passeig de Gracia. Seven of them are located on Avenida Diagonal as such within 350 meters from each other, and the last one is just a few blocks away. For my readers who happen to live in other cities, don’t rush to close this page, because most of these furniture and home accessories shops (7 out of 8) are quite big chains and have an online shop, so you may still find this post useful :)

So I suggest we take a virtual stroll on la Diagonal, and visit the following shops which cater to pretty much any taste in home design.

  1. Habitat, Av. Diagonal, 514
  2. Zara Home, Av. Diagonal, 490
  3. A Loja do Gato Preto, Av. Diagonal 484
  4. Natura Casa, Av. Diagonal 472
  5. Deko Palace, Av. Diagonal 458
  6. Maisons du Monde, Av. Diagonal, 405
  7.  Pilma, Av. Diagonal, 403
  8. Banak Importa, c/ Rosellón, 207

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50 Shades of Natural Green

April 7, 2016

Natural green colours are a very hot trend these days. They can be more subdued and quiet, or more lavishing, ‘urban jungle’ type, but nature’s colour palette is making a statement in the interiors, along with actual plants. To be honest, gardening and houseplants has never been my thing, but as I was browsing it on Pinterest I realized that this tendency is really growing on me. And I just love the variety of houseplant-themed accessories, such as candles, cushions, shower curtains, bedding, and so on.

By throwing in more exotic and vivid prints and textures you can add a boho vibe to your space, or you keep it more “close to nature” with quieter organic shades and materials, and a lot of natural wood furniture, which works especially well in spaces with a lot of natural sunlight. But as you see from the inspiring images below, the result is always a very laid-back and tranquil ambiance. As we go out into the nature we seek to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of big cities, and nature green interiors with a lot of houseplants is a great choice for those of us who see their home as a retreat from their busy social life. Houseplants make the place feel like home, you don’t see many of them in a hotel, right? Also, hanging vines and leaves soften hard lines. And keep in mind that real houseplants are not only a decor item, but they actually purify the air. And some plants, herbs, can be used to garnish your own food. Go organic!

I made a small selection of images from Pinterest, and also discovered the natural green tendency in a variety of local and international chains, from Casa and Zara Home to Natura and H&M Home.

Natural Green Interiors


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