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Casa Decor 2016: The Best of Spanish Interior Design

junio 29, 2016

Back to Madrid after 13 years

On the first days of June, I traveled to Madrid to visit Casa Decor, the biggest interior design exhibition in Spain. Known to be changing venue every year, Casa Decor 2016 was housed in Casa Palacio Atocha 34, a big mansion built in 1857. Its 4.000 m2 area was divided between brands, interior designers and sponsors to create a variety of spaces from lofts and luxurious suites to small cozy corners. Styles featured range from rustic and green ‘boho’ to posh eclectic and new baroque. I actually thought the exhibition was really cool. So many beautiful spaces, I just hope the photos I made do them enough justice. And I had a chat with several exhibitors, they told me that this year the organizers really stepped up their game and delivered compared with the past few years when the general level of the exposition wasn’t very high. This was my first Casa Decor, and I’m looking forward to going back next year.

I want to share with you a few of the 60 spaces which made up Casa Decor 2016 and were the highlights of the exhibition for me.

My 10 favorite projects at Casa Decor 2016

1. Flamingo by Marisa Gallo

In this concept, a colourful and cheerful ambience of a tropical island meets the cosmopolitan feel of an urban restaurant in the 21st century.  Love the colour combinations used by the designer, and the textiles – those striped stools and emerald green chair are to die for! And the flamingo themed wallpaper is so bold and cute!

Casa Decor Flamingo 1 Casa Decor Flamingo Collage

2. Sweet Suite Living by Beatriz Silveira

Beatriz Silveira created a complete suite: a living room, bedroom and bathroom. The center piece of this elegant living room is the organic-shaped table. And the blue curtains work really well as the main colour accent in the room. Bedroom is eclectic and chic with lots of gold, including the canopy bed designed by Beatriz Silveira, and a fur bedspread. Bathroom is dominated by a spectacular rounded shape bathtub from Villeroy & Boch and distressed wood sink cabinet. Such a cool combination!

Casa Decor Sweet Suite 1

Casa Decor sweet suite 2

Casa Decor Sweet suite bathroom

3. Telva. La vie en couleurs by Ana Pardo from Santayana, Ana Riestra y Rocío Riestra

This is a beautiful country style dining room, with natural elements as the main protagonists. The «rural» look of the forge table and numerous plants is complemented by cushions in different hues and prints, and other details, such as colourful lampshades and curtain fabric, to add a more contemporary touch to the space.

Casa Decor Telva Dining table

casa decor Telva dining room

4. Pepe Leal for the Embassy of Portugal

This year, the Portuguese embassy in Spain decided to participate in Casa Decor for the first time in history. The concept created for them by Pepe Leal became a major success, winning the title of the best project from the professional jury. Leal’s project is playing with traditional materials and artisanal techniques, such as azulejo (Spanish and Portuguese painted tin-glazed ceramic tilework), cork or pink marble, to showcase the products of 28 Portuguese companies. And the result is original, luxurious and very contemporary.

Casa Decor Portugal


5. Espacio Westwing by Erico Navazo

Erico Navazo created a very eclectic yet cozy space using a selection of items from different styles and historical periods available in Westwing, online outlet of designer furniture and home accessories. Feminine colours and floral patterns along with smooth velvet of the sofa soften the sharp angles of the pronounced geometrical focus in this living room. And there are so many cool details!

Casa Decor Westwing 1

Casa Decor Westwing details Casa Decor Westwing details

6. Voyage to Parnassus by Aitor Viteri and Elena Lapeña

Inspired in French palaces of the 18th century, where artists used to express their creativity, this project from the Viteri/Lapeña studio is playing with Rococo style through colours, textures, and richness of the materials. A very sofisticated space, they organized piano concerts here during the exhibition.

Casa Decor Voyage to Parnassus 1 Casa Decor Voyage to Parnassus 2

7. Ethnic boho sitting room by Nélida Сedrés

This is the most cheerful the bohemian style got at Casa Decor! A tiny room, but full of sunlight and artisanal pieces from Africa and South America. Very green and very natural, cozy and inviting. I had a great chat with lovely Joko from Kreol, who contributed their designs, including stools and wall decor for this project. Very refreshing and really different from all other spaces.

Casa Decor bohemian ethnic 1

Casa Decor Bohemian Ethnic 2

8. Wardrobe Room by Miriam Alía Mateo

This gorgeous wardrobe room is simply to die for! A bit pop artsy and girlie, but very creative and original, if not surreal! room is packed with coolest stuff ever – blue sequin armchairs, curtains made of Christian Lacroix fabrics, gem-patterned wallpaper, neon lights, and check out the glorious ceiling lamp, created by the designer, Miriam Alía herself.

Casa Decor Wardrobe 1 Casa Decor Wardrobe 2

9. Clandestine Bar by Claudia Urvois, Leticia Cano, and Clara Arnús

This small speakeasy is such a gem. The photo doesn’t really do it justice, because the best thing about it is the claret colour wallpaper with hawaiian cuties, and then the same pattern is repeated on lampshades and stools. Very sassy and fun! When I got in, it instantly reminded me of a Wes Anderson movie, and I was spot on, the official brochure for the exhibition says that this design was inspired by the «aesthetics of Kubrick, Lynch y Wes Anderson»(c).

Casa Decor Clandestine Bar

10. Samsung Kitchen by Guille García-Hoz

In order to showcase ultra modern domestic devices, the designer chose to use the Japanese principle Wabi-sabi, which means rustiс simplicity. The contrast between straight and pure lines of the new fridges and washing machines and the beautiful imperfection of antique and rustic furniture and accessories creates a very impactful space.

Casa Decor Samsung Kitchen Casa Decor Samsung Kitchen

For more information about Casa Decor 2016 visit the website of the exhibition


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