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  • Red Square, Moscow, during winter holidays
    BLOG Lifestyle

    Moscow: Best Christmas Destination!

    Autumn is already here, well, not for the Spanish, they believe it doesn’t begin until September 21, but we Russians are more formal about the season change. As soon as September kicks in, for…

    septiembre 15, 2019
  • Porto panorama on the bridge
    BLOG Lifestyle

    6 Things To Do in Porto

    Courtesy of Ryanair, I recently visited Portugal for the first time in my life. Barcelona – Porto is generally not a very expensive route, but for Black Friday they took it even further, so…

    marzo 13, 2019
  • BLOG Lifestyle

    My Holidays in the French Riviera

    It’s been a month since I returned from a short trip to the south of France, the famous French Riviera, or as the French call it – Côte d’Azur, but the memories of the…

    septiembre 9, 2018