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Easy Home Upgrades To Add Sophistication & Style

diciembre 6, 2023

In these turbulent times, when money is tighter than ever and our every single day seems to be packed full of personal and professional commitments, it is more important than ever before for your home to give you a maximum amount of joy and positive vibes.
Do you want your home to be a relaxing sanctuary? Or do you also want it to make a statement and reflect your creative and stylish personality? If you identify with the latter, here are five ways to upgrade your home with a view to injecting glamour and sophistication.

1. Mirror, mirror on the wall

When thinking about classic Hollywood glamour and how that translates into a more suburban and smaller-scale setting, one element you simply cannot escape from is the long, rectangular mirror in the living room or hallway.
Now, even if there is nothing actually wrong with your current hanging mirror, give it a clean, donate it to a local charity shop, and get yourself down to the nearest antique shop for a much more detailed, ornate, and grand mirrored alternative.

Image source: El Mueble

2. Add Texture to the Walls

For many years, smooth and sheer painted walls have been the mainstay of most high-street and interior designer’s showrooms. Still, now and especially if you are concentrating on a more glamorous and luxurious feel, it is time to add Texture to the walls. Obviously, the key here is to choose the right rooms and indeed, the right focal walls, for Texture to be added. Over-playing this particular design choice can result in a too-busy final aesthetic. Plain walls are now generally considered to be boring and plain. Instead of looking modern, it can look as if no creative effort has gone into the design of the room. The most simple solution would be a textured wallpaper, but I encourage you to look into texture paints, stucco, or even 3D wall coverings. The latter come in a variety of engineered and organic materials.

Image source: Papierspeintsdirect

3.Limestone Paving

When wanting to add a layer of chic style to your property, as important as the interior design is, you also need to dedicate time and attention to the outside too.
A timeless, classic, and stylish replacement for boring, stained, and old paving stones would be the stunning, rustic Texture of dijon tumbled limestone, either for the patio section of the garden, or else stepping stones through the centre of the lawn. Don’t have an outside area to decorate? Limestone flooring looks just as great in the kitchen.

4. Statement Lighting Fixtures

If you were even to ask someone with absolutely no experience decorating and designing a room what they would deem to be a luxurious and glamorous addition, it is likely they would talk about chandeliers, grand and golden lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling.
Now, there is absolutely no reason why you should not choose to have an XXL chandelier hanging from the centre of your living room ceiling. But if this sounds a little too ostentatious for your personality, then detailed table lamps or even a smaller and subtler chandelier-style lampshade could also work.

Image source: IG tthese_beautiful_thingss

5. Oversized Floor Rugs

Even if your living room is on the smaller and more intimate size, an addition of bold and bright oversized floor rug can also work for you. It will actually make the space feel larger, as well as warmer and more welcoming.
If you have tiles or laminate in the lounge, a floor rug is also a great way of providing a safe and non-slippy places for your children and your pets to play, without slipping or damaging the harder floor.

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