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Coral and Other Shades of Pink

diciembre 19, 2018

So Pantone has announced that the colour of 2019 will be Living Coral. I’m really not sure where they draw these predictions from, but this time I really dig their selected colour, which is basically coral pink. I recently introduced some pink, a different hue though, in my living room. I’ve always loved pink, and the variety of shades of pink is pretty amazing. In the recent years, especially since Pantone named Rose Quartz one of the Colors of 2016, pink has taken the limelight, thus, there was a real pink invasion at this year’s Casa Decor exhibition.Let’s take a look at some of the most popular, yet very different shades of pink.

Coral Pink

According to Pantone, Living Coral is «an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge». Coral hues can be more orangey, but personally I prefer the lighter and pinker shades, they really transmit this pure and energetic sophistication.

Coral pink accent wall

Coral and teal combo

Photo: Classy Clutter

coral pink curtains DIY coral cabinets

Photo: Darling Daly Design

Hot pink

Another popular and brighter shade of pink is hot or fuchsia pink. It’s sassy, shiny and glamorous, always looking like a rather bold design statement.

fuchsia chest of drawersPhoto: Style Your Senses

fuchsia lamp shade

fuchsia pink wallpaperPhoto: Elle Décor


Bubblegum Pink

This pink color is uncompromisingly feminine, playful and flirty. Maybe you will have a different opinion, but this is the shade of pink I have in mind when I hear Aerosmith’s timeless classic «Pink is my new obsession!» I have a feeling that these days such «girlie» pink is kind of chastised as too straightforward and kitsch,

Bubblegum pink bedroom

bubblegum pink metal lockersPhoto: A Beautiful Mess

Bubblegum pink doors

Photo: Emily Henderson

bubblegum color block wall-1Photo: Pinecone Camp

bubblegum pink sofa-1Photo: SmartFurniture

Blush pink

This has to be one of the most gender-neutral tones of pink, besides, it has a calming and relaxing effect, hence its overwhelming popularity. You see blush pink a lot in combination with richer and darker tones of green and blue, but no less frequently it is paired with subtle tones of grey and white.

blush pink knitted throwPhoto: Etsy

blush pink living roomPhoto: Decoratio

'Palm Spring' bedroom at Casa Decor 2017

Patricia Bustos’ Palm Springs inspired suite from Casa Decor 2017

Peach pink

This pastel tone of pink is warm and delicate. For me, it feels like spring itself, transmitting some sort of a fresh start and hope. This hue is perfect for nurseries, don’t you think?

peach pink childrens roomPhoto: Apartment Therapy

peach pink bed roomPhoto: Urban Outfitters

peach pink sideboardPhoto: El Taller de lo Antiguo

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