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The Future of Interior Design in Spain

junio 27, 2017

AD España published a list of 17 names that mark the future of interior design in Spain. I thought I´d make a recap for those of my readers who struggle with Spanish.

Jean Porsche

Living room designed by Jean Porsche
Image source

DNI: Mexico City, 1978. Style: Contemporary classics. Philosophy: “Having fun and showing people to live beautifully”. Hallmark: Porsche is willing to appreciate any piece, whether it’s IKEA or an antique, and then he mixes them up to get the best out of it. Recent projects: the new Coque restaurant in Madrid and Mamainé cocktail bar in Barcelona. Customers: from aristocrats to young couples. Influences: the American way of life, abandoned palaces, Raffaella Carrà, classic dandy, films by Mauricio Garcés and Silvia Pinal, David Hicks, Dorothy Draper and Jonathan Adler. Favorite furniture: “My grandfather’s oak cabinet from 1940’s cabinet”. Favorite print: Geometry. What is coming «IN»? “Tech-free spaces”.

Kattie Schiebeck

Katty Schiebeck bedroom design
Image source

DNI: Uruguay, 1989. Style: Warm minimalism. Philosophy: “Save some original architectonic elements to ensure continuity with what it used to be like”. Hallmark: The use of materials, textures and lines. Recent projects: A couple of residences en London. Influences: Paul Rudolph, Studio Mumbai, post-war architecture, Latin American Art Déco.  Favorite furniture: DC1305 desk by Vincenzo de Cotiis. Material: Marble and terrazzo. What is coming «IN»? “The ugly – eclectic and eccentric. A sort of kitsch anti-aesthetics rooted in the 80s and with a baroque touch”.

Amaro Sánchez de Moya

Amaro Sánchez de Moya living room

DNI: Seville, 1977. Style: Timeless classics. Philosophy: “I’m against trends, and I don’t like spaces which are too rooted in a particular time period». Hallmark: Leave nothing to chance. Recent projects: Triana House hotel in Sevilla and JV by Jorge Vázquez store in La Coruña. Favorite interior: Blue room in the Charlottenhof Palace by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Furniture: roll-top desk made of steel, bronze and nacre for the queen’s boudoir the Fontainebleau palace. Favorite print: Stripes, Indian, and verdure. What is coming «IN»? “Pink and winks to the past».

Lucas y Hernández Gil

Apartment designed by Lucas and Hernández Gil
Image source

DNI: Cristina Domínguez Lucas and Fernando Hernández-Gil Ruano (Madrid, 1979, both of them). Style: Home gallery. Hallmark: Refined shapes and lines, hot ambiance and contemporary art. And their restaurant El Pintón in Seville, that put them into the spotlight. Recent projects: Rural house in Extremadura Juana Limón café next to el Retiro, Madrid. Furniture:  Cesta lamp by Milá and Finn Juhl Pelican Chair. Material: Wood. Favorite print: Those created by Anni Albers. What is coming «IN»? “New handicrafts: objects blending functionality and art”.


Masquespacio hostel in Valencia Image source

DNI: Ana Milena Hernández (Bogotá, 1983) and Christophe Penasse (Brussels, 1983). Style: “Ultra-chamelionic: we can be déco, Memphis style or conceptual, but never Nordic”. Hallmark: Emotion, colour and graphics. Recent projects:  Valencia Lounge Hostel,  Gnomo shop and Hikari restaurant in Valencia, and Solera supermarkets in Germany. Favorite furniture:  Moon chair by Charles Kalpakian. What is coming «IN»? “The 90s”.

Miriam Alía

Miriam Alía for Westwing Casa Decor 2017 Miriam Alía’s project at Casa Decor 2017

DNI: Madrid, 1983. Style: Feminine naïf. Philosophy: “Fresh spaces oozing discreet luxury”. Hallmark: Bold colors, antiques and proprietary lacquered furniture designs. Recent projects: Apartment in Ibiza and a duplex in Madrid. Influences: Memphis group, 1950s, Miami. Furniture: Cipria sofa by Campana for Edra. What is coming «IN»? The ’80s and metallic.


Nimú minimalist style living room
Image source

DNI: Margarita Antes (Madrid, 1975) and Fayette Proper (Utrecht, 1974). Style: Pure Nordic. Philosophy: “Listen and surprise”. Hallmark: Habitable spaces where every detail is taken care of. Customers: “Those opting for clean and cozy spaces with a touch of design». Favorite furniture: 209 Thonet chair in bent willow, Traffic chaise longue by Grcic and Matégot trolley for Gubi. What is coming «IN»? “Tranquil and gray-ish coloured rooms».

Guille García-Hoz

Guille García Hoz´s living room Image source

DNI: Madrid, 1976. Style: Playful vintage. Philosophy: “Any element can work in a proper context». Hallmark: Ceramics. Recent projects: Compadre barbershop and Le Gallinero in Madrid. Customers: Samsung, Mini, Teka. Influences “Anything I can see around me, I’m prone to tunnel vision, and that is why I love travelling, it helps to change the perspective”. Furniture: Any cabinet. Obsession: Animals. What is coming «IN»? “Constructive sincerity? I wish.»

Beatriz Silveira

'Trendy Kitchen' by Beatriz Silveira Casa Decor 2017 «Trendy Kitchen» by Beatriz Silveira at Casa Decor 2017

DNI: Madrid, 1976. Style: “I never know how to answer to this. When I was little, I wanted to be sophisticated and elegant. Shall I say, traditional fresh?”. Philosophy: “Common sense is overrate. Take risks, show perseverance and smile”. Hallmark: Lights. Recent proyects: Vincci Centrum hotel in Madrid’s Las Letras de Madrid and an estate outside the city. Customers: Most notably, happily and recently married families. Influences: Oriental, England, Andalusia, Scandinavia. Furniture: Milo Baughman’s chair. Material: “Alabaster: natural, inviting, warm, despite  being a mineral”. Favorite print: Organic motifs by Suthipa Kamyam. Obsession: “My work, I feel blessed”. What is coming «IN»? “In times of uncertainty…Freedom, a creative person must be free”.

Marta de la Rica

Mediterranean style living room by Marta de la Rica
Image source

DNI: New York, 1984. Style: Eclectic richness. Philosophy: “Enjoying your work”. Hallmark: Color, «in the end it always pops up». Recent projects: “My daughter Blanca”. Furniture: “My desk and no-names from flea markets”. Material: Velvet. Pattern: Floral, “including classic styles with a new twist”. Obsession: Controlled and indirect lighting.


Living room designed by Las2MercedesImage source

DNI: Mercedes Peralta and Mercedes Valdenebro (Seville, 1983 and 1985). Style: Delicate freshness. Hallmark: “Create a neutral platform and introduce color accents into it with very special pieces ”. Recent projects: One Shot hotel in Barcelona and Flores restaurant in Madrid. Influences: “We are like a sponge: we take ideas from our trips, exhibitions, shop-windows …”. Furniture: Bookcases. Material: natural ones. Favorite prints: Botanical patterns from Josef Frank. Obsession: Illumination.

Blanca Fabré

Apartment in Madrid designed by Blanca FabréImage source

DNI: Barcelona, 1988. Style: The new high decoration. Philosophy: “Gauging the level of creativity to ensure design consistency and harmony of the space”. Hallmark: quality furniture (her husband is antique dealer Alex Fauquié). Recent projects: A house in Madrid and another one in Mallorca. Influences: “My whole life: places, books, fashion, art, objects … It’s about connecting points”.  Furniture:  Coque chair by Philippe Hiquily. Material: Natural stone. Favorite print: Abstracts. Obsession: The light and architectonic details.

Luis García Fraile

Luis García Fraile
Image source

DNI: Madrid, 1978. Style: Classical with a twist. Philosophy: “Make a place to live and not a museum”. Hallmark: Mixing. Recent projects: Offices in Cuzco IV tower and Zahara de Osborne restaurant in Madrid. Customers: Hermès, Dior, Suárez, Aristocrazy and Ángel Schlesser. Influences: “Isabel López-Quesada’s class, Pepe Leal’s creativity and Pascua Ortega’s illumination, and great American houses”.  Furniture: cabinet-bar. Material: Wood. What is coming «IN»? Ephemeral decoration.

Nook Architects

Nook Architects Image Source

DNI: Ana García, Joan Cortés and Rubén Férez (Barcelona, 1976, 1982 and 1983). Style: Low-key and comfortable. Recent projects: An apartment and a Bed & Breakfast in Barcelona. Customers: Mainly foreigners. Furniture: Bathroom. Material: Wood, concrete, ceramics. Favorite pattern: Geometry and vegetal patterns. Obsession: “Natural light, it’s free!”. What is coming «IN»? “Color, farewell to neutral spaces”.

Casa Josephine

Casa rural de Josephine Deco Image Source

DNI: Íñigo Aragón and Pablo López (Logroño and Valladolid, 1974). Style: Well-bred Mediterranean. Philosophy: “Create relaxed ambiances that last long and are anything but vane». Recent projects: Clandestine salón of La China Mandarina restaurant and an advertising agency, both in Madrid. Influences: Vernacular architecture, handicrafts, artistic avant-garde, photography, textile design. Furniture: Folding screen and writing cabinet. Favorite print: Stripes. What is coming «IN»? “Spanish style, 1990s and historicism”.

Tristán Domecq

Living room by Tristan Domecq
Image Source

DNI: Vigo, 1982. Style: Classic balance. Philosophy: “Achieve beautiful perspectives from any angle.» Hallmark: Their kitchens, always functional, open and clean. Recent projects: Rehabilitation of one hundred apartments in Lavapiés. Influences: His mother, who used to have a home decor shop, his friend Luis Galliussi, social media and travelling. Furniture: A washed chestnut sideboard. Material: Campaspero stone. Favorite print: florals, geometry and chevron. Obsession: Harmony. What is coming «IN»? “Mediterranean take on Nordic style and interiors becoming more personalized than ever.»

Quintana Partners

Quintana Partners
Image source

DNI: Benito Escat and Pol Castells (Barcelona, 1993, both of them). Style: Sophisticated ruins. Filosofía: Mix & match and more is more. Hallmark: “We are conservaitonalists and recyclers, fans of industrial style in refined spaces”. Recent projects: A loft in Barcelona and Il Porto and Barbabar restaurants and Casa Telmo guest house in Menorca. Influences: Wes Anderson, 1970s, London bathrooms. Furniture: Flag Halyard chair by Wegner and Arne sofa from B&B Italia. Material: “copper, ceramic and marés stone”. Obsession: Flea markets. What is coming «IN»? “Darker tones. Let’s drop the boring whites!»

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