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Home Design in Madrid Chueca: Mestizo and Guille García-Hoz

diciembre 1, 2016

A few weeks ago I made a trip to Madrid and spent one morning checking out cool local non-chain shops selling furniture and home decor. Today I’d like to tell you about two shops located in Chueca, a bustling and hip neighborhood in the center of the Spanish capital – Mestizo and Guille García-Hoz.


Mestizo Contemporary Store (calle Piamonte 4) was founded by several interior design professionals with a passion for antiquities, but the 300 sq. meter space with 5-meter ceilings is packed with new items alongside antiques, creating a very natural feeling fusion. By the way, the name of the shop also reflects this original blend of styles and even cultures, «mestizo» means a person of mixed ethnic ancestry.

Mestizo promotes very natural feeling interiors with lots of plants, wood and other traditional materials creating tranquil and relaxing ambiance, with a touch of prominent contemporary designs and patterns for a more mainstream and eclectic feel. Prices are not exactly low-budget friendly, but the items are really high quality and not something you will find in chain stores.

They are currently preparing to launch an online shop, I just hope they will come up with a way to somehow recreate the outstanding offline shopping experience offered in their store, the space is really impressive, well-thought, clean and fresh feeling, and so inspiring.

Mestizo contemporary Store Madrid

Mestizo contemporary Store Madri

Mestizo contemporary Store Madri

Mestizo contemporary Store Madri

Mestizo contemporary Store Madri

Mestizo contemporary Store Madri

Mestizo Store

C/Piamonte 4 Madrid

Monday – Saturday 10AM to 8’30PM

Guille García-Hoz

The second place I’ll tell you about is something very different from Mestizo. The studio and shop of Guille García-Hoz – leading Spanish designer and master of animalistic ceramics, is a small space which has a jaw-dropping effect on visitors – it is packed with very cool and very quirky ceramics and other home decor created by Guille himself, along with designs from other Spanish and European brands. I first heard of Guille García-Hoz at Casa Decor 2016, where he created a very impactful project for Samsung – a kitchen, where straight lines and shining metal of household appliances was contrasted against the crude beauty of rustic and antique furniture.  And now that I returned to Madrid I just had to check out his shop.

The most distinguished creations of the Spanish designer are the deer Gerardo,  elephant Maribel, whale María Cristina, and a new addition to the collection –  a lemur called Eliso.
Maribel elefant Guille García-Hoz

Guille García-Hoz store

This is something I’d never seen before. Mixing flowers and construction tools and even weapons to create candle holders may seem a bit weird, but the result is very eye-catching.
Seletti porcelain in Guille García-Hoz store

The hippo lamp is from Ornamante, I’ve been a fan of theirs since I first spotted them at Palo Alto Market in Barcelona.

Guille García-Hoz store

More of Guille’s own designs.

Guille García-Hoz own designs


They also have an online shop, which ships outside Spain too, and though it may seem a bit pricey, if you’re a fan of Guille’s designs, look out for special offers, for Black Friday, for example, they offered 20% off own products.

Guille García-Hoz

C/Pelayo 43, Madrid

Monday – Saturday 10-30AM – 14 PM, 5PM – 9PM.

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