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Parisian Style: A Perfect Formula

abril 21, 2021


Few cities in the world have given a name to an interior design style, and Paris is definitely one of them. What makes Parisian style interiors such an eye-candy? I’d say it’s that they are so eclectic! Most of the interiors which scream “Paris” are set in what looks like an 18-19 century building with high ceilings, richly adorned with moldings, which make up for a perfect setting for a carefully curated selection of design pieces from other time periods and art.

The Parisians are not afraid of mixing what for us, a generation whose taste was spoilt by IKEA, looks like a somewhat royal elegance with some pretty minimalist if not casual-looking items.

Eclectic means things that shouldn’t be together in the first place, but, unexpectedly, the combination works! But it can never look too curated or too perfect. If you want an effortlessly chic look, avoid buying all of your furniture from a single store. You want the space to feel lived-in and assembled over time.  

Beautiful bedroom in the Parisian home of Jacqui Kai Ellis

How to Style Your Home Like a Parisian

  1. A gold mirror
  2. White walls and parquet floors
  3. An iconic armchair
  4. A chandelier
  5. Vintage vases
  6. Dried flowers
  7. Contemporary art
  8. Coffee table books
  9. Something antique
Tufted blue statement sofa and bold fashionista decor in an apartment designed by Kasha Paris.

Monochrome living room in the Paris apartment of Clara Teixera IG @theworkinggirl
Eclectic, artsy and green living room in the new Paris home of Gemma Askham.
Stainless steel kitchen in a Versailles apartment designed by RMGB
Modern Paris living room with ‘Barcelona’ chair designed by Véronique Cotrel
Stunning overmantle mirror a living room designed by Kasha Paris.
Bright and eclectic dining room with mid-century modern furniture in an apartment designed by RMGB

Image sources: The Nordroom, Kasha Paris, The Working Girl, The Travelling Apartment, RMGB, Véronique Cotrel

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