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Yellow – Best Colour Choice For Lockdown

mayo 3, 2020

Hello friends, it’s been a while since I published anything here, but we all know how rough the last couple of months have been for the world and Spain in particular. Uncertainty, anxiety, the feeling that you have absolutely no control over the situation are very distressing, and the social isolation is even worse, especially if you got stuck isolating alone. As for me, I have been trying to keep myself busy with my Instagram and home projects. My plant collection is bigger than ever and looking good (who could have thought after I killed 2 cacti and an aloe over the winter), and there is a bunch of new artwork on the walls. Mood-wise, I have had some ups and downs, but overall, I have been able to keep my mental health in check.

Flatlow bright yellow inspo

And do you know what helped me? Colour! It’s a well-known fact that different colours have different effect on our mood and even our physiology. On the first days of spring, I suddenly got this longing for orange and yellow hues. They are sunny and cheerful, something you may want really badly after winter. But colour experts believe it’s more than that. It turns out that all the different hues of yellow – ochre, saffron, mustard, curry – can stimulate the areas of the human brain responsible for socialization. In other words, they can compensate the lack of physical contacts and help against loneliness and depression. Many of us can relate to it these days. So how about adding some yellow into our homes? And my choice is vibrant and cheerful yellow! Just look at a flat lay above, which I put together in March. I also made a recap of the different ways you can introduce this hue into your home! So many bold and creative people out there, it’s so inspiring! I especially love all the paintwork, but you can always find some yellow furnishings in the shops too. At the end of this post you will find a selection of yellow furniture and decor available in the shops right now!

Source: IG @sarahakwisombe

Bright yellow chairsSource: IG @dutchdecorstyle

Yellow seating zoneSource: IG @lookofskyarchitecture

Yellow stair railingsSource: IG @somethingbluehome

Spring yellow table setSource: IG @dining_delight

Yellow bath tubSource: IG @heneddyhouse

Bright yellow bookcaseSource: IG @oxfordone

Bright yellow sofaSource: IG @homeatheathfield 

And here are some shopping suggestions if you get inspired to introduce yellow into your home. I believe the grand majority of the items are available for purchase throughout the entire EU.

1) Loft-style wardrobe, Maisons du Monde, 370,00€

2) Industrial style bar stool, Maisons du Monde, 18,40€

3) A pair of metal trunks, Maisons du Monde, 59,99 €

4) Braided pouf, Maisons du Monde69,99 €

5) Polyester fibre lamp shade, La Case de Cousin Paul, 25,00€

6) Travel mug, Anthropologie, 28,00€

7) Yellow pompom decorations,, 9,00€

8) Print, PeBe Studio, 45,00€

9) Fun cushion, Maisons du Monde, 5,75€

10) Scandi sofa, Maisons du Monde, 379,00€ 



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